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14th Century
14th Century

Already in this century the beer trade was significant for the city of Einbeck. There were 700 master brewers and every citizen of Einbeck had the right to brew beer. The City Council bought the overproduction and handled the marketing in the whole of Germany and abroad – from Amsterdam in the west to Tallinn in the east.

April 28, 1378
Receipt Celle 1378

The oldest available receipt for the sale of 2 tons of Einbecker beer to the city of Celle is dated April 28, 1378.

14th and 15th century
Historic map

The Einbecker beer trails extend to Bremen, Hamburg, Lübeck, Landshut, Munich, Danzig, Königsberg, Riga, Denmark and Amsterdam.

April 17, 1521
Martin Luther

Martin Luther received a mug of Einbecker beer from Duke Erich at the Worms Reichstag and praised it with the words: “The best drink known to man is called Einbecker Beer.”


An Einbecker master brewer is lured to Munich in order to brew the famous “Ainpöckische Bier” there. The name of the beer changed to the Bavarian accent and was called “Oanpock” and later “Bockbier” (bock beer) in this region: One could say that the city of Einbeck gave Bockbier its name. “Ain’t no Bock Beer without Einbeck!”.


There are 742 citizen brew houses in Einbeck.

Brauerei Einbeck

Founding of the Einbecker community brewery “Städtische Brauerei” and merging of the individual brewing rights.

Brauherren Pils

In the Einbecker steam beer brewery the first beer was filled in bottles. And from the beginning the “Original Einbecker Bottle” is used. The design of the bottle has not changed since then, and it has become one of the symbols of the Einbecker Brauhaus.


Reorganization of the brewery to form the “Einbecker Brauhaus AG” (Einbecker Brauhaus Corporation).

Union Logo

The Einbecker Brauhaus came to Schultheiss Brauerei AG, Berlin, which merged with Dortmunder Union in 1972 to become Brau & Brunnen.

Göttinger Logo

Acquisition of the Göttinger Brauhaus AG.

September 1997

A private group of investors acquires the majority of Einbecker shares from the Dortmunder Brau & Brunnen AG brewery.

October 1997
Martini Brauerei Logo

Acquisition of the MARTINI Brauereibeteiligungs GmbH in Kassel.