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Real Pleasure.

Einbecker Ur-Bock Dunkel

»The Dark One«

A dark beer with a rich, strong and delicate malt flavor.

At the first sip it is smooth and full-bodied, at the second sip the true rich, strong roasted malt aroma of Einbecker Ur-Bock unfolds. The dark barley-malt brewed refreshment from the Einbecker original recipe.

Original Extract Content: 16.2% G/G
Alcoholic Content: 6.5% vol.


Keg: 30l

Packaging Ur-Bock Dunkel

Real Pleasure.

Einbecker Ur-Bock Hell

»The Classic«

Einbecker Ur-Bock lager is the “Beer of all Beers”, characterized by a subtle hint of hops in accordance with the original recipe. Full-bodied, spicy aromatic flavor!

Original Extract Content: 16.2% G/G
Alcoholic Content: 6.5% vol.


Packaging Ur-Bock Hell

Luther’s Favourite Beer.

Ainpöckisch Beer

»The Original«

Naturally cloudy and full-bodied – Genuine strong beer enjoyment.

When Duke Erich handed Martin Luther a mug of Einbecker Beer at the Worms Reichstag in the year 1521 Martin Luther called out “the best drink known to man is called Ainpöckisch Beer.” His love to Katharina von Bora and to Ainpöckisch Beer was also shown at his wedding in Wittenberg when the council of the town of Wittenberg presented him a barrel of Einbecker as a gift. Already after his disputation in Leipzig in the year 1519 the council of the town of Wittenberg did welcome him by a jar of Einbecker Beer.

Original Extract Content: 16,4% G/G
Alcoholic Content: 6,7% vol.


Packaging Ainpöckisch Beer

Real Spring fever.

Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock

»The Seasonal«

Strong in taste, with a pleasant spring-fresh flavor.

“Ready for May?” In spring, the Einbecker brew-masters brew a particular special beer, the Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock. This pleasantly-bitter refreshment is only available in the spring – as long as supplies last.

Original Extract Content: 16.2% G/G
Alcoholic Content: 6.5% vol.


Keg: 20l, 30l

Packaging Mai-Ur-Bock

Real Anticipation.

Einbecker Winter-Bock

»The Winter Treat«

Dark in character, full-bodied with a taste of malt.

When it's cool outside, it's time for the dark Einbecker Winter-Bock inside. Selected malts, the finest hops and a special beer yeast provide a true winter treat. With 18.2%, Einbecker Winter-Bock has the highest original wort of all Einbecker beers.

Original Extract Content: 18.2% G/G
Alcoholic Content: 7.5% vol.


Keg: 30l

Packaging Winter-Bock

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